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2012 20 Dez

Morgens im Cafe Flayva, der beste Cappuccino in Dortmund

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So here I am, in my cafe (one more cup of coffee before I go to the valley below), listening on my headphones to Tiny Vipers‘ LIFE ON EARTH (via Spotify). Really fine that Bob stopped his short time career as a stand-up comedian for the much more rewarding pleasures of a sit-down comedian :) – he made me curious to listen to the woman’s singing, and I like it. (It is funny: one day, stories are told refreshing my memories of old David Sylvian records (I always liked Fripp’s playing on GONE TO EARTH, and the spoken word passages), and now I am in the here and now of an icy day in Dortmund, with my cappuccino – carried away by the voice of this unknown lady. The music has dignity (in a non-pathetic way), and power, am just listening to the second song, quiet acoustic guitar lines, oh, now someone (she?) is whistling (like I do , in the woods, but she does it much better). She is not interested in a high dynamic range, all stays (till now) in a calm, intense mood. The voice rings a bell, but no one else is coming in.

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  1. Bob T Bright:

    The wonderful thing about being a Manafonista is that we get to hear fantastic new music. Now I want to find a nice cafe in London and listen to Gone to Earth!!

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Hope you can shoot a photo. Don’t mind if it’s only Starbucks:) If I would be in London today, i would make a long walk at the Docklands…and in the evening I would see Jonathan Demme’s Neil Young film…(just bought tickets for his Alchemy tour with Crazy Horse next July)…

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