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2012 18 Dez

My short story with Fleetwood Mac

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„Fleetwood Mac have announced that they will be reissuing expanded and deluxe versions of their 1977 album Rumours early next year. Posting the news on their website, the band revealed that the expanded edition will contain three CDs including the original album with B-Side ‚Silver Springs‘, 12 unreleased live recordings from the band’s 1977 world tour including ‚The Chain‘, ‚Oh Daddy‘ and ‚Songbird‘, and another disc filled with 16 unreleased takes from the album recording sessions. A separate deluxe edition will also include everything from the expanded version, as well as the album on 12″ vinyl, plus an additional disc of outtakes and a DVD of The Rosebud Film – a documentary about the album filmed in 1977.“ (Uncut News)

Oh, well, the last big box I bought, was the SMILE-box of the Beach Boys. I love to listen to their studio rehearsals and in-between talks. Mojo Magazine has a RUMOURS-cover story in their January issue.  When I was young, so much younger than today, I was a huge fan of that early Fleetwood Mac Single OH WELL, and in my teenager days I had the opportunity to see them one summer evening in Torquay, or was it Paignton? The group that played before them was Atomic Rooster, a blues-rock band that was quite popular in those days. Peter Green was no longer a member of the band. Although it was a great collective experience (the crowd, the mood, the beautiful girls), I wasn’t particularly impressed by the band’s performance.

In later years, they made their  famous big albums, RUMOURS amd TUSK. but, well, I never found the key and the code  for these albums, most of the songs just bored me. I read all the news about the struggles the band when through during the production time (divorce, aggression, falling out of love etc.). The music still bored me. So these albums belong to those ones I will probably never fall in love with … but thinking backwards I can still recall the wonder and the happiness I experienced when I first heard OH WELL. And listened to it again. And again.

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