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2012 7 Dez

The Dream of the Girl at the Lonely Desert Cafe

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When certain people get serious (dead serious) and point to peaks of cultural history, they rather quickly mention Beethoven’s last string quartets. Or Mona Lisa. Well, you won’t have arguments. And the biggest idiots in this cultural field think that your life might be a lot poorer if you don’t understand and detect and feel the depth of those late quartets. Their looks behind the curtain. And they have their parameters: the complexity of the sound, the harmonic brilliance, the avantgarde aspect etc. To be honest, I’m much more (at this moment) keen to listen to Budd’s new string quartets (even if he would fail) I die for music with titles like „The Dream of the Girl at the Lonely Desert Cafe“ (on Budd’s new cd).  Give me The Plateaux Of Mirror, give me Waterloo Sunset, give me Paul Buchanan’s Mid Air, John Coltrane’s Live In Japan, The Drift – and a broken harmonium. More than enough. Deal?

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