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2012 29 Sep

Remembering „For Calvin“

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„The Grand Wazoo“ has always been one of my favourite Frank Zappa albums. Finally, his classic works are now all available on cd, impressively remastered based on old analogue sources. I immediately ordered the album I haven‘ t heared for a long time: everybody has stories about losing some of one’s best music while changing places and cities. It happens. Listening to „The Grand Wazoo“ again, has been overwhelming. I didn’t think of the girl I had been sleeping with or dreaming of („Pictures of Lily“), I didn’t think of  the wild days, the salad days while being immersed again into this orchestral masterpiece. I was just listening. „For Calvin“, for example. „Pure Zappa’s extravaganza. In the melody, harmony and orchestration. It starts weird and ends even weirder. If you are not accustomed to strange harmonies and melodies this one can shock you a little bit. Anyway Zappa’s awkward but splendid sense of melody and atmospheres is very clear here. The tune swings slow like a broken toy, or a broken watch … at a certain point there are dissociations going on, you may think you don’t know were you are, then a siren shouts! These moments of entropy, of chaos are sublime, I swear, sublime. The drums is still alive behind, giving the pulse, confirming that the tune is not dead yet. Slowly we go on, following the trombone and the trumpet which are saying strange things, then the tune accelerates, you are completly disorientated …. than a very special orchestrated bridge part arrives. I mean this is Zappa at his very weird best. Another crescendo! The tune comes to the end.“  You have never heared this? You are interested in musical adventures? So, c’mon!

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