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ONE – Suddenly we were all hearing a mobile phone ringing that sounded like an old telephone, in the middle of a live-remix of Owen Pallett’s fantastic perfomance, and what happened? A smile hushed over Jan Bang’s face, Eivind Aarset and Erik Honore kept their senses focussed, and Arve Henriksen picked up an imaginary phone, and whispered: „Owen, hallo, Owen? Owen!“ and he did it in a very musical, cinematic way. Live-Remixing at Punkt has a lot to do with shadows – and ghosts.

TWO – „Live-Remixing is not about replacement, it’s about transformation“, Jon Wozencroft said, during his highly entertaining lecture about the music of stones in the last wilderness of Great Britain. I was so thrilled that I spontaneously decided to travel to the bluestones of Preseli Hills in South West Wales. Later Jon warned me, and showed me how to behave when confronted with the toxic snakes that are still active there, high in number, waiting for lonesome travellers in summertime.

THREE – When all is played and done, when the last sound has finally gone … then it is time for the K35-party. Owen Pallett and I continued our talking about great records we stopped about five ago, backstage, in a small church in Dortmund. This time he was full of praise for Brian Eno’s „Another Day On Earth“, this quite underrated masterpiece of 2005. Everybody was there. Even Brian. After hours … small talk with an edge, full of personal insights. There, outside and inside K35, along with the beer and the music and the well-known faces, it was easy to talk about personal matters, easy even to shake hands with the dark side. And feel good.

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