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Kristinansand is meant to be a metaphor, not pure realism. Jon Wozencraft would call it „psycho-geography“.

After returning from Kristiansand and sitting in the car on my way to the Deutschlandfunk, I immediately put DREAM LOGIC in my cd-player. Though I interviewed Eivind Aarset days before (with new Manafonista Henning), I was now hearing the record for the first time. A fantastic one, surely my favourite Eivind album. A perfect balance of moody and abstract textures, full of twists and strange sounds that are the ice on the cake and prevent nostalgia from taking control. Great, too, for driving by night! Eivind, old Punkt matador since year 1, will be on „Dream Logic“-tour in Germany in November  (Stadtgarten, Zeche Carl and other good and small places).

(The headline is a bit long, but will do its job to create an unforgettable mental note.)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    2012 Sep 13 München Unterfahrt, w/ Jan Bang, Gunnar Geisse and Marc Ducret Germany
    2012 Nov 10 Kosice Jazz Festival, „Dream Logic“ Slovakia
    2012 Nov 13 Tilburg Paradox, „Dream Logic“ Netherlands
    2012 Nov 14 Köln Stadtgarten, „Dream Logic“ Germany
    2012 Nov 15 Essen Zeche Carl, „Dream Logic“ Germany
    2012 Nov 16 Bielefeld Bunker Ulmenwall, „Dream Logic“ Germany
    2012 Nov 17 Rotterdam Lantaren Venster, „Dream Logic“ Netherlands
    2012 Nov 18 Bern BeeFlat, „Dream Logic“ Switzerland
    2012 Nov 19 Zürich Moods, „Dream Logic“ Switzerland
    2012 Nov 22 München Unterfahrt, „Dream Logic“ Germany
    2012 Nov 23 Salzburg Jazzit, „Dream Logic“ Austria
    2013 Jan 26 Rüsselsheim Jazz Fabrik, „Dream Logic“ Germany

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