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2012 17 Aug

A playlist for Jan Bang (happy birthday!)

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1) Jan Bang & Erik Honore: The God of Silence, aus: UNCOMMON DEITIES

2) Christian Fennesz: Sekai, aus: AUN

3) James Yorkston: Kath With Rhodes, aus: I was a Cat from a Book

4) Alexandre Desplat: The Heroic Weather Condition, Part 1: A Veiled Mist,  aus: V.A. – Original Soundtrack Moonrise Kingdom

5) Hank Williams: Ramblin´ Man: aus: V.A. – Original Soundtrack Moonrise Kingdom

6) Benjamin Britten: Songs from Friday Afternoon (Old Abram Brown), aus: V.A. – Original Soundtrack Moonrise Kingdom

7) Emanuele de Raymondi: BV_02, aus: Buyukberber Variations

8) Bill Fay: The Sun is Bored, aus: Bill Fay (Bill Fay from 1971)

9) Terje Rypdal: Darkness Falls, aus: Odyssey

10) Bill Fay: Big Painter, aus: Life is People (Bill Fay from 2012)

11) Bill Fay: The Never Ending Happening, aus: Life is People

12) Matthew Bourne: Phantasie, aus: Montauk Variations

13) Don Cherry: Manusha Raga Komboji, aus: ORGANIC MUSIC SOCIETY

14) John Barry: The Persuaders, aus: V.A. – TV Sound and Image (British Televison, Film and Library Composers 1956-80)

15) Vivaldi: Winter II, aus: Recomposed by Max Richter (Vivaldi: The Four Seasons)


I write: hey, look, jan, this is one of the first playlists in the world with the new Bang/Honore album in, well, very good neigbourhood. Jan Bang answers: that´s what i call a nice birthday present … I answer: oh, happy birthday!!!! You can hang it on the wall:) … Jan answers: not today, but on your broadcasting day. i bought the fennesz album in london recently. beautiful work. I: Fennesz risks being romantic, and it works.

Guy Sigsworth writes: Wonderful playlist. Will check out some of the unknown tracks next weeks. I love Matthew Bourne’s Montauk Variations. His piano playing probably owes as much to Messiaen, John Cage or Ligeti as it does to McCoy Tyner, Bill Evans or Keith Jarrett. Bourne judges mood better than any young pianist I know. Just when the avant-gardism hits the limit of what a generous but unsure listener can comprehend, he’ll resolve into a serenely naive hymn: difficulty and simplicity in perfect balance.

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