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2012 31 Jul

…heat waves, severe storms, and flash droughts…

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LP Handmade Birds HB-DIS040
Release date: September 18

Format: 180 gram vinyl (250 black and 250 color-in-color: classic black in transparent ocean trash vortex microplastic blue)

Locrian & Christoph Heemann, two powerful forces in sound manipulation and experimental everything, (not in the pretentious sense, but in the honest to goodness there-will-be-textbooks-written-about-this pioneering of music), come together in what is, well, a quite special record. A record created at a foreboding time, a time of record heat waves, severe storms, and flash droughts that have turned farms to dust in a matter of seasons. Upon writing this press release, recent news reports detail events such as the Petermann Glacier in the Arctic calving an ice island twice the size of Manhattan; the worst drought in over fifty years destroying American crops; and, in Japan, flooding so drastic that many areas have received a year’s worth of rain in a weekend. live in uncertain, uncomfortable times. Still, for many, the symptoms of our age are as out-of-sight, out-of-mind as the Pacific Ocean Trash Vortex, a mass of floating plastic debris larger than Texas. This release is a hymn for our civilization, well, as it has been said before, a very special one. (minimal remix of the press announcement)

Christoph Heemann – Electronics & Synthesizer
Terence Hannum – Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals
Steven Hess – Percussion & Tape Manipulations
André Foisy – 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Tapes, Effects

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