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2012 4 Jul

Simply stunning: Dead Western – Everything, Eternally

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„All I Need Is All Around“ (Video)
Recorded by Tony Cale in Sacramento, CA
Mixed by Tony Cale & Troy Mighty
Mastered by Don Fierro at Hakanai Audio
Release date: August 31
Troy Mighty – vocals, guitars, glockenspiel, sax
Anup Pradhan – bass, piano
Kevin Corcoran – percussion
Caley Monahon-Ward – violin, strings
Jon Bafus – additional percussion

„I’m happy to share what I know with you.
It’s not much, but sometimes a little can do.“
(first words of EVERYTHING, ETERNALLY)

Hailing from the „New Weird America“ and the Psychfolk-scene of the US-Westcoast, Dead Western was never really easy to categorize: A troubadour, a dandy or an artsy hippie? Who knows – who cares? In fact he’s one of the most interesting and impressive characters in the guild. Not only his heartcrushing deep timbre or his theatrical appearance on and off stage, but his engaging lyrical strength or the simply wonderful arrangements in his music are the major attractions of the little band Dead Western.

After the startling success of Dead Western’s „Suckle at the Supple Teats of Time“ (2010), Troy Mighty and his tiny magical orchestra strike back with another impressive piece of rat. In the 10 mindblowing songs of „Everything, Eternally“ we year a young man from California, who sounds like an old tree singing songs of love and sorrow, of harmony and destruction, of the past and the future, of others and the self, accompanied by a sensitive and graceful armada of instruments, guided by a truly unreal spirit and the force of a bipolar poet.

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