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2012 9 Mrz

A New Sylvian Song

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Baby’s putting on her make-up | Her mouth is swollen as arose | Countdown, she wraps her legs around him | Weightless, she’s taking off her clothes | Candy, colours in her pocket | Bright children hiding in their rooms | Soft toys spread across her pillows | Self-annihilation couldn’t come too soon | Where’s your gravity? | Where’s your mind? | Share your thoughts with me | Waste my time | Slow down, nothing’s gonna save you | Ice-cream dripping from your spoon | Oh, but come now, you’re always telling stories | Bare-foot, walking on the moon | Wake up, and someone’s bound to tell you | Your pretty face is gone to hell | So find them, something you can trade with | Hand-make something you can sell | Where’s your gravity? | Where´s your mind | Share your thoughts with me | Waste my time …
„Where´s Your Gravity?“ A VICTIM OF STARS ©2012 David Sylvian

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