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2011 13 Sep

A Strange Woman

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Perhaps the most talented, if not the most enigmatic, female artist. The music, the chord progressions – from her earliest jazz ballad compositions to throughout the later songwriting period – are distinctively organic, has been complemented by her uniquely sensual lyrics. Through her involvement in both the ’60’s avant-garde jazz and art circles, her work anticipated modern life styles, breaking taboos. Her songs often cross the line between male/female subject matter; they are emotionally naked yet embodies a peculiar dryness.
She played piano from an early age but did not have formal training. Her marriage to bassist Gary Peacock gave her immediate access to several avant/free jazz greats, the company of Albert Ayler being particularly influential. Around 1962, Gary began playing with Paul Bley. Through his connection to Bley, he joined Albert Ayler’s group in ’64, Annette traveling with them on their European tour. The awakening of a romantic relationship between Annette and Paul Bley provided the impetus for her compositions becoming a major part of Paul’s repertoire. With the acquisition of two Moog synthesizers she began her performing career as a player and a singer in a group with Paul, called The Synthesizer Show, using her Moog not only as a keyboard instrument but also to treat her abstract jazz vocalizations. Use of the synthesizer outside of the studio was unheard of at this time due to its complexity. After two albums representative of this period (Improvisie and Dual Unity), a third was released circa 1970 under the aegis of Bley/Peacock Synthesizer Show titled Revenge, an album of songs written and sung by Annette, including the first version of the song „I’m The One.“ Her first solo album, I’m the One, released in 1972 . Her relation to Paul bley now over, she attended Julliard. Moving to Britain in the mid-’70’s, she became a fixture in the avant jazz and rock circles there, recording many sessions with such luminaries as Bill Bruford, Chris Spedding, Mick Ronson, etc. The release of her critically acclaimed 1978 album X-Dreams, followed the year after by The Perfect Release. Six more albums followed, the latter four released on her own Ironic Records label, culminating in 1987’s Abstract Contact. an acrobat’s heart from ECM in 2000.
 „Individual are the land mark of Peacock’s biography that it seems almost unfair that they should belong to one person; as if her life has been gluttonous for the incindets and acts of ledgend. She was given one of the first synthesizers by its inventor Robert Moog in 1968; she appeared topless at the Townhouse in New York; she appeared on The Johnny Carson Show; she performed the first electronic improvising band; she was the first person to sing through a synthesizer and the first to electronically treat the voice in the recording process; she was the first ‚rap‘ over a rock backing; she turned down the offer of appearing on Bowie’s Aladdin Sane or performing with him in concert; she invented the ‚free-form song‘; she became the first holographic actress in a show with Salvador Dali on Broadway…“
Melody Maker, August 20, 1983

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The long time buried treasure „I´m The One“ has now finally been reissued

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