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2011 12 Sep

A Strange Cat

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„He came here to see what we were doing, how we did this. (operating a label, self-distributing records – J.S.) He does it more strict than us because he claims he´s not going to give them to distributers – he´s only going to do it throught mail order, thats what he says. I´m on three tracks and i think he works it quite well against what i do. He doesn´t sing the same as what i play. I´m quite low in the mix. My impression is, that his voice is so distinctive all the pieces sound the same – a very special voice and special words, but my impression is that they are all the same. If you´ll like his voice, you´ll like it, otherwise, forget it. Why he asked me to play on it, fuck knows – but he came to that gig with Milo Fine at Flim Flam, he seems to show some interest. He´s a strange cat. He´s English, lives in America, but he´s English.“

Derek Bailey on David Sylvian and his participation on BLEMISH. The words are taken from Ben Watson´s very amusing and instructive book “Derek Bailey And The Story Of Free Improvisation”.

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