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„There is a long tradition of pastoral music capturing a quintessential Englishness, running from Vaughan Williams through the English folk tradition to more recent names like Robert Wyatt and Talk Talk. Further down this line you’ll find Epic45.“


Now, after one of so many radio shows radios, the car ride. EPIC45 is playing, from their album „Weathering“. This record will run all night long. It is a long car ride. Everything on the verge of falling apart in their songs,  birdsong,  bells, beehives. Ancient synthesizers never failing the decay. Violins softly intruding, softly disappearing. Here, the end of the world is called Staffordshire. No joker in sight, nothing takes center stage. EPIC45 are masters of whispering. Ben Holton and Rob Glover avoid, well, epic gestures: even in their most catchy moments, their notes are prepared to dissolve. Lullabies for grown-ups that, strange enough, do not really lull into sleep: there is always a glass of fine Merlot for your favourite ghost. Catch a pale memory and turn it into a song: hush, baby, hush. One more time: hush, baby, hush. If you go to heaven in a car, be sure it’s crammed with campfire songs. Tears are allowed to run, you’re sipping miserable coffee, you´re running on empty. The funniest thing of all, at some point, that quiet smile on your face. Rewind. Peace out.


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