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Vinterjazz Copenhagen at ILK, (Slagdehusgade) 5e

Emanuele Maniscalco (piano). Francesco Bigoni (reeds), Mark Solborg (guitar)


… sounds floating on the edge of nightly darkness accompanied by unexpectedly flickering lightnings fading into realms of indeterminacy and beautifully delayed curvatures …



© FoBo – Henning Bolte

Francesco Bigoni/Mark Solborg – ON DOG – Part I: Sloeblack. ILK
Francesco Bigoni/Mark Solborg – ON DOG – Part II: White Horse Y La Rumba. ILK

Third Reel – Third Reel. ECM (Emanuele Maniscalco acted on this recoding as drummer)

Mark Solborg Trio feat. Herb Robertson & Evan Parker – The Trees. ILK

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