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2022 25 Dez

Uusi Aika

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All of a sudden, that creaky bass, murmur
of water and wind (blown away
by dark, green vinyl). If the
window is shut, open it (a second),
the animals will take center stage
among the garbage and the flowers.
„Uusi Aika“, this sweet distant cousin
to Jone Takamäki’s „Universal Mind“
and Edward Vesala‘s „Nan Madol“!
We don‘t describe Finnish horizons here.
We avoid buzzwords – more helpful
anyways, that good connection
to wolves in the backyard,
strolling, roaming, having a word.


OTTO ESKELINEN alto sax, shakuhachi, alto clarinet, vocals / JOHANNES SARJASTO piano, synth, accordion, vocals / TAPANI VARIS double bass, vocals / AMANDA BLOMQVIST drums, percussion, vocals / (not to forget that cat with the short apparition of a sitar) 

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