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While B & K are approaching the capital of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife,  I’m thinking about some American or Canadian Noir thrillers that are situated in that area, but nothing comes to mind. A lot of Steve Hamilton’s books evoke  cold winters in Canada, but the stories told there are  located at Lake Superior, the East Coast. Hamilton once said:  „To me, when I think about “hardboiled” or “noir,” I think about cold. When just going outside to your car is an act of courage, that has to say something about you already, right? I know that Raymond Chandler’s idea of hardboiled was a sun-baked street in Los Angeles, but for me there’s just something about a frozen lake and a cold wind that will turn you inside-out.“ So far, so cold. Meanwhile I’m in the middle of the showdown of Michael Koryta’s book, in the mountains of Montana. A very different headspace. News came that a rather free adaptation of a Joe R. Lansdale  novel arrived in the cinemas of Great Britain: COLD IN JULY.  Richard Dane (Michael C Hall) is woken in the middle of the night by his wife Ann (Vinessa Shaw), who’s heard an intruder. He finds his gun, creeps down the hallway, and moments later, his entire life has changed. (The film gets quite mixed reviews, read excerpts of one of them in comment no.1.)  Texas is the territory of a lot of Lansdale books, and his great novel „The Thicket“ will be released in Germany in August, titled „Das Dickicht“. And it’s a Western Noir!

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