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Hello Micha,

thanks for writing, it’s nice to know that someone cares about the photos!

Yes the cover is really a photo, it’s a kind of technique I have developed during the years because I’ve been always attracted by water and by paintings. I have made many series about that. Usually when I shoot I have already an image in mind connected to the feeling of the moment. This one is a sea landscape which I processed with some filters to get to the image I had in my mind. The beauty of water is that is changing endlessly and if you are patient enough you will catch the moment which fits with your feelings…


I love very much the music of Andy Sheppard and how the music flows with these musicians. I feel a connection between the cover photo and the music, I think that they share a kind of smoothness, a feeling of flowing like water does and at the same time of peace and silence. I don’t like so much to talk about the photos though, I almost never give a title to them because I like to leave some mystery and some space to the imagination of who’s watching.


In case you would be interested here is the link to my website where you can see some of my works:




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