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2023 1 Feb

Fish Wish #2

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FISH WISH gives a couple of links to material found on internet, material worthwhile!  You can be fishing for something intriguing to hear or to read but don’t arrive at it. Or you arrive at something and ask yourself: is this really fish that i was wishing for? Or you got something you were not seeking for but it reveals as something you always had wished for etc.. Wishes can be as fishes. 



The monthly column of my colleague Peter Margasak from Berlin in THE QUIETUS. In his column you can find reviews of an interesting choice of new titles.




Paul Motian and Bill Evans

Why does BE’s playing from those times sounds so good every time again when listening to it until today? Is it his deeply sunken presence in the music and its fluency, the recording, its magic kind of dynamics? Click on the red title to listen to Motian’s telling about those days.




JADE VISION – one of my ever-recurring favourites


It is a famous piece of the legendary first Bill Evans Trio, a composition by bassist Scott LaFaro (1936-1961).  The piece lives by the magics of a repeated motif intoned by the double bass. But what about the way of repetition? It goes asynchrone, with light delays between the three instrumentalists, something between mere repetition of the tones of the motif and playing its echo. It returns in slightly different ways as a basis for its later gradual expansion. Tension is built this way and the mood of the piece can fully emanate. For listening, click on the title above. On Youtube you can also find a version of OREGON from the group’s first album.


The photo of the trio below is a good puzzle question: where has the photo been taken?


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