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Über den arg lockeren Spruch mit dem „ranzigen Rock“ muss ich gelegentlich noch mal nachdenken, ansonsten ein netter Artikel.

2016 12 Jan

In search for this certain moment

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I never had a dog. But as I was a child the chemist´s dog was enthusiastic about every encounter with me so I was allowed to take her for walks. I crossed the playground and went to the fields. In the west, at the horizon, there were the mountains and I liked it to look at them every day, observed how the light changed them. These mountains, not too far away, part of my future. Can you feel sad without being sad? I have been searching a really good moment with my mother. I asked my uncounscious for help and suddenly appeared my father, and he looked beautiful, a picture with no background, and I knew immediately: This is a dream. Then, a pause. As if someone pressed a button on the remote-control. Just for a second, I felt the power to influence it. But I prefered not to. Loneliness is always a reliable friend and companion to stand the mysteriousness of life.

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