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Eva Klesse, the drummer from Germany (originating from Westphalia) came up with a new trio of New York pianist Ethan Iverson and Berlin bassist of Danish origin Andreas Lang that immediately and completely hit home: light, with wide space and rushing and rustling dynamics. The cymbals were swishing and hissing, the toms got hit briefly and the snare with care and a now and then wink of the bass drum. A highly dynamic and relaxed whirl spread out irresistibly and enthrallingly driven by pure joy of playing. Iverson acted admirably economically, accurately setting the atmosphere with just a few pointed moves. It created both great clarity and deep mood carried confidently buzzing by Lang. It kept everything in airy state and gave the music wings for far stretching flight. It was so refreshing different from a lot of current trios trying to max out the piano. Iverson brought in understatement to beauty. 


Seen at International Jazz Festival Münster, January 7, 2023


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