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2018 4 Jan

Düsseldorf before the flood

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„Girl In The Flood“
– Paul Maciejowski



Kraftwerk will be floated in their redblack lifebelts until Rotterdam. They will give a concert in a rescue center together with The Prettythings, who push the wet return key: „We’ll play house.“ From the inflatable life raft on the other side Talking Heads will scream: „Burning down the house.“ Bobby will arrive in a lifeboat, singing: „Vision of Johanna.“ Our Jukebox man on Sylt, fixed on a lifeline roares against the wind: „John Maynard war unser Steuermann, aus hielt er, bis er das Ufer gewann.“

Thank god, our Headquarter is safe.


„What has happened down here is that the wind has changed –
clouds roll in from the north and it started to rain.
And it rained real hard and it rained for a real long time,
six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline …
Louisiana, Louisiana –
they’re tryin‘ to wash us away,
they’re tryin‘ to wash us away.“

(Randy Newman)

Martin Simpson – „Louisiana 1927“

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