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It didn’t really come as a surprise when I got the legal download link from Drag City to listen to the twin-album of Bill Callahan’s Dream River, funnily titled HAVE FUN WITH GOD. These are real dub-versions, substracting instruments, substracting verses, emphasizing certain sounds, motives,  lines, words, bass pulses and nice holes without interrupting the flow.  If anybody thinks this might be a clever joke, she’s/he’s wrong. A lot of people who love the original album and have a certain affinity fo the aesthetics of Jamaican dub, might easily be fascinated by the way these twin songs never loose their impact. Right, it’s just another perspective, but one done with care and thought. Wonderful. Someone who works with suggestions , illusions, small hints etc. (and Bill Callahan does that a lot) just has to think, one day, about the ascetic charmes of dub music, simple as that.

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