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2023 22 Dez

Z a r t i r

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The richness, clarity and depth of the music of this album offers a secret and at the same time evident impact. It owns an astounding deep calmness going together with a high level of inner rhythmic agility in its yearning melos.


It has a transitional quality beyond icon and fresco, hovering between the echoes of the shimmering of the winding road of a lived past and the emergence of the whispering of imagined peaceful horizons.



2015 1 Jun

Holland and Hayastan

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It was a longer journey but finally we managed that Levon Eskenian’s Gurdjieff Folk Instrument Ensemble will arrive at the HOLLAND FESTIVAL in Amsterdam.
Next Sunday, june 7, the ensemble will play two concerts with music of Gurdjieff and also Soghomon Soghomonian in Amsterdam. Part of the afternoon concert is a recital by pianist Lusine Grigoryan She will play pieces by Komitas she recently recorded in Lugano for ECM.
There are two PREVIEW radio programs on CONCERTZENDER. Both can be listened ON DEMAND by just two clicks. You’ll find a playlist under the RADIO ON DEMAND link:
program KOMITAS
The Gurdjieff pieces in the radio program will slowly shift from piano and cello versions to the reconstructed folk (instrument’s) version. The Komitas program presents renditions by various musicians including great Armenian composer Tigran Mansurian. Komitas was a great composer deserving more attention.
Only text, no picture here … and wonderful music … if you want!

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