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In the last roundabout seven weeks I watched the 29 Twin Peaks´ episodes the first time. The series were aired in 1990/1991 on US TV. You can say first session´s main topic is special agent Dale Cooper´s struggle to find the murderer of Laura Palmer. But as most summaries this doesn´t really hit the varieties of impressions this serial and partial surreal drama offers. Scenes appeared in my dreams, and scared me, but I am still fascinated and unable to put it aside. “I can see half of my life in your face.” Has anyone ever heard such a declaration of love? As a first step to clear up my mind I developed a few questions, kind of multiple choice test. I´d be glad if anyone would join the club. Manafonistas Head Quarter is asked to declare the winner as Manafonistas Mister or Miss Twin Peaks!*

*No queen or king status in Twin Peak´s chess terms connected.


Question 1: What´s special agent Dale Cooper´s favourite daily beverage?


A) Orange juice
B) Japanese green tea
C) Draft beer
D) Coffee
E) Non-sparkling mineral water


Question 2: Where is Twin Peaks located?


A) Middle West America
B) California
C) Northern USA, nearby Canadian border
D) Nowhere. This town does not exist.


Question 3: Audrey Horne, Annie Blackburn and Shelley Johnson got each a piece of torn paper resulting in a poem. Who is the poem´s author?


A) W.C. Williams
B) Percy Bysshe Shelley
C) Michael Palmer
D) Leo Johnson
E) Robert Forster
F) Robert Frost


Question 4: Which of the following persons does not exist in Twin Peaks?

A) Log Lady
B) One-armed shoe seller
C) Giant
D) Magic studying boy who manages to move creamed corn from a plate into his hands
E) Midget
F) None of the above mentioned



Question 5: Special agent Dale Cooper uses an audio recording device (Dictaphone) to send regular or irregular oral working reports addressed to a person called Diane. Who is Diane?


A) His girl friend
B) His wife
C) His FBI colleague
D) His boss
E) His former big love of his life who was brutally murdered
F) Diane is just a construction, a shelter.


Question 6: The double R is Twin Peak´s most famous and probably only coffee bar, run by charming Norma Jennings. Which of her specialty everyone is crazy about?


A) Ghostwood breakfast (with surprise)
B) Cherry pie
C) Waterfall night drink
D) Fried eggs draped as smiling faces with an individual diversity of vegetables on the plate
E) Home-made bread German style



Question 7: How many diaries did Laura Palmer keep?


A) One, like every person keeping a diary
B) Two, like every person with secrets keeping a diary
C) None, like every person with secrets


Question 8: Who won the Miss Twin Peaks Contest?


A) Annie Blackburn with a speech about environment´s rescuing
B) Laure Palmer with her performance of resurrection
C) Lucy Moran with an exotic strip jazz dance
D) Norma Jennings with her sixty seconds waterfall night drink preparation presentation


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