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Hello Dan,


I got to know your music with the recotd SUDDEN FICTION, and days ago i got a copy of DISTANCE. In October (round 6 to 13, not yet confirmed) I will be in London and like to do an interview with you about music and, well, favourite books. Now my somehow oblique sounding request. I do understand the lyrics of DISTANCE quite well, but it could make a forthcoming and fact-based „short story“ of mine much easier, iif you could send me the lyrics of that album. Some days ago, I experienced – during a night drive through Germany – a kind of horror trip, and your new record was running nearly 5 hours in a row. So I would like to use single verses as a counterpoint in that story. It will be written in October. Of course, I will ask for permission before putting it out. P.S.: my „album of last year“ was Bill Callahan`s Dream River, by the way … So hope this will work for you,

Best, Michael  


Good morning Michael,


how lovely to hear this from you. I’m both honored and excited by the idea you’d like to include me or my words in your writing somehow. I’m in the studio today doing some writing myself so not looking at emails very much, but please find the lyrics below.


Look forward to hearing from you again, Dan.



When all the leaves are brown and fallen to the floor

Been whipped up by the wind and blown around your door

Then I’ll come down from here … Whisper gently dear

Didn’t we say it would stay green this year … When we were just beginning here.

A frost the gently thaws and crumbles underfoot

A sheer of misty glass that melts around your shoes

A shaft of burning light that melts the coldest mood

Til I come back to you. Whisper gently dear

Didn’t we say it would stay green this year … When we were just beginning here

Remember how we swept lost leaves from around those trees

Only fools think love is evergreen

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