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A melody is quite simply a melody, it’s a well-defined and easily to understand concept
It can be sung or played straight, (a bit) obscuring, distorting, speeding up, slowing down, burying, indicating, alluding, circumventing, transforming …
There are different ways commonly used in jazz and pop music. In jazz it is a question of arranging/recomposing/improvising, in pop music nowadays it is very often a question of stylistic variation, instrumentation and sound design.
Carate Urio Orchestra at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, june 26

Carate Urio Orchestra is an ensemble founded and led by young reedist Joachim Badenhorst from Antwerp. It is a blend of free improv, large ensemble sound and singer-songwriter songs.

From pieces starting ultimately strange, beautiful melodies emerged in a mystical way. Or beautifully sung melodies gradually mutated in a fascinating way into heavy white noise.

In both cases, the differential qualities were not just used as contexture but as primordial source, Urgrund, of the unfolding or folding up of a melodic line. This requires a high level of highly fine-tuned alignment, the creation of a unified sound entity functioning as an oscillating, shimmering sound organism.

In the performance it is not just a unidirectional, linear process. Instead it is a wavering and richly layered affair along thrilling crescendo’s and diminuendos.

The orchestra has two front singers: drummer/guitarist Sean Carpio from Dublin and guitarist Nico Ruig from Barcelona

Carate Urio Orchestra is
Joachim Badenhorst (bass) clarinet/tenorsax/vocals, Sam Kulik trombone/guitar/vocals, Frantz Loriot viola/effects, Nico Roig guitar/vocal, Brice Soniano bass/vocals, Pascal Niggenkemper bass/objects, Sean Carpio guitar/vocals/drums

The orchestra will play Ljubljana Jazz Festival next week and will be recorded there by Clean Feed Records.

Also worthwhile to check out the individual musicians!
There are certain similarities with the music of Eve Risser’s White Desert Orchestra (read more HERE) and The Berlin concert of Charlotte Greves Lisbeth Quartet + Antonin-Tri Hoang (read more HERE)

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