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2015 25 Jul

RADIOGENIC: more maugage

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Mostly my radio programs of one hour have to be produced rapidly. The rule is 95% music plus 5% left for announcements/introduction. That’s good for listeners from outside who do not understand Dutch. Selection and sequencing are crucial to draw listeners in. Mostly the programs are short portraits of a musician or a group, sometimes specific themes and now and then a potpourri of heterogeneous pieces that find each other, make themselves fit with some goodwill of the listener.



The second august program presents a selection of recordings from the last 15 years of the label of the Budapest Music Centre. It will contain music by saxophonist Mihály Dresch, violinist Zoltan Lantos, reedist István Grencsó, pianist Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer and drummer Tamás Geröly of Trio Kontraszt.

Saxophonist Viktor Tóth of the younger Hungarian generation will be part of the program in a group with Belgian trumpeter Bart Maris (in an Ornettish rock ‘n roll piece) and in Bob Marley tribute by a mixed Hungarian-French-German-American line-up (Christophe Monniot, reeds, Manu Codja, g, Carsten Daerr, p, Mátyás Szandai, bass, Hamid Drake, dr, Michael Schiefel, vocal).

The closure will be the “Horizon” Quintet of French trombonist Gueorgui Kornazov of Bulgarian origin. It is a French quintet with an unmistakable Balkan slant: Emile Parisienne, sax, Manu Codja, g, Marc Buronfosse, b, Karl Jannuska, dr. After Kornazov there will be the stunning Swiss vocalist Andreas Scherer together with Swiss Arte Quartet, an all brass ensemble, and bassist Zwiauer. BMC recently released their impressive last album Perpetual Delirium on cd and dvd.

Budapest Music Center (BMC) was founded by trombonist and academy professor László Gőz in 1996. Its now a music information centre which collects and makes available information about Hungarian classical and jazz musicians and about contemporary compositions available world-wide. BMC has a jazz venue, Opus Jazz Club with four weekly concerts and an advanced programming, an own label, BMC Records, and it houses the Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation named after the world renowned composer and conductor.

BMC has organized classical, contemporary and jazz events since 1997 (e.g. Festival Kurtág 80, the Music Forum Expo electroacoustic festival, the New Series Festival (jointly by BMC and ECM Records), the series of CD-presentations as well as the Budapest Jazz Festival).



BMC Records, founded in 1998 and publishing Hungarian artists of the contemporary, classical and jazz field has a catalogue of more than 200 releases now. It has built a name in Europe and the world, has fostered Hungarian musicians in an international context and initiated successful collaboration between Hungarian and musicians from all over Europe and abroad.



PLAYLIST august #2

Mihály Dresch – Quiet as it is. BMC (2001)

1 The River Tisza
2 “Gymnes” impressions
Trio Kontraszt Grencsó/Tickmayer/Geröly. BMC (2014)

3 Ostinato Barbaro Prelude
4 Fragment IV
5 Slow Street/Lassú utca
Zoltán Lantos’ Mirrorworld – Tiptoe ceremony. BMC (2002)

6 Ashkelon
Viktor Tóth – Popping Bopping. BMC (2011)

7 Hong Kong
The Cool Runnings Orchestra – Tribute To Marley. BMC (2011)

8 Nap-Nap
Gueorgui Kornazov “Horizon” Quintet – The Budapest Concert. BMC (2014)

9 Na Toni
Andreas Schaerer Meets Arte Quartet & Wolfgang Zwiauer – Perpetual Delirium. BMC (2014)

10 Zirzensisches Mittelstück

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