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2018 2 Jun

Words with the shamans (preparation)

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Arrival at „Romantik Hotel Platte“. Moving to a place nearby. Two days of shamanism. Peruvian healer Don Agustin and his team. 50 clients. I heard before it would not be an easy ride. I think it was a good preparation to only listen to two records within the last three days, Santana‘s „Abraxas“, and Jon Hassell‘s forthcoming album „Listening to Pictures“. Both albums contain cover art by Mati Klarwein known for his magic realism, think of „Bitches Brew“, think of „Dream Theory In Malay“. Speaking of the music, I can only say that listening to Hassell‘s album can even take the most experienced lover of his music by surprise. It is one of those works of an old master that is not painting the world soft and sweet, but much more an invitation to surround oneself with cutting edges, distant echoes, and something unspeakable. Just an idea coming up for sequencing the first hour of my radio night in June: Jon Balke with Batagraf (one track, see Jazzland Records), Steve Tibbetts (three tracks), Brian Eno (three tracks), Jon Hassell (three tracks) Nik Bärtsch (one track). And yes, the two days in the green hinterland would not become an easy ride. But impressive in many ways.


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