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Three movies. Seen (and listened to) between January and October 2021. Silence here is not the most beautiful thing, it just secures survival. The evil lurks everywhere. Welcome to the world of three movies. The genres: horror and war. The way in which Sam Mendes‘ film „1917“ is choreographed,  is pure genius. Composer Thomas Newman  adds layers of bravura artistry to create an experience that will leave you breathless, heart pounding and absolutely emotionally wrecked by the end. A similar response is waiting when watching „A Quiet Place“, and „A Quiet Place 2“. By the way, John Krasinski takes all the juice out of his visual storytelling, connecting with all the characters even with them not being in the same space. An incredible sequel. And the world of noise, sound, and silence is another winner in these three works of cinema (you will never forget the Neil Young in-ear-moment in „A Quiet Place“!), though it is inappropriate to speak of winners, in worlds of regret, death, pain, danger, and constant loss.

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