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2023 23 Dez

Looking back 365 #2

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was man so das Jahr lang macht und nicht unbedingt immer so merkt … 

this version is a first approach, certain things will be complemented … 

es ist jahresendend, jahresendlich mit Schneeflocken, die nicht so schnell schmelzen  

and a few categories are even waiting still for being filled … 

alles eben vielfältig und um viele Ecken spannende Musik von vielen Generationen 






more pictures in extra post 


April  DrawNotes (box+booklet) 
August  Leporello Mishiyo Yagi

 Leporello Synesthetic 4

 Exposition at Buchbinderei Fuchs, Saalfelden 

September  Leporello Sun-Mi Hong 
October  Albumcover MIA DYBERG „Timestretch“ Clean Feed (Lisbon)
November  Albumcover VOSTOK „Remote Islands“  Relative Pitch Records (New York)










February  Exposition at domicil, Dortmund 
March  Exposition at Villa Waldberta, Feldafing





2023 what/where …….highlights…… 
March  Klaeng Festival Köln 

 Footprints (conference) BIMhuis  Amsterdam

 Elisabeth Coudoux (vcl) /Marlies Debacker/Robert  Landfermann/Kathrin Pechlof  

Fuensanta Ensamble  Grande (Fuensanta Mendez (b, voc), Marta Arpini (voc,  synth), Sanem Kalfa (voc), Liva Dumpe (voc), Laura Polence  (voc), Alistair Payne (tr), José Soares (sax), Sun-Mi Hong  (dr), Louis Cole (dr) 

Teis Semey Quintet 

April  Jazzahead! Bremen  Ava Trio  |  Kirke Karja/Etienne Renard/Ludwig Wandinger |
No Sax No Clar  |  Daniel Erdmann’s Thérapie de Couple  |  Schntzl  
May  Magnet Festival Wiesbaden

 Music Meeting Nijmegen

 Trio North (Mette Rasmussen (sax), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten  (b), Olaf Moses Olsen, dr) | Kirke Karja | Marlies Debacker

 Emine Bostanci Dareyn Quartet | Gyedu-Blay Ambolley & His  Secondi Band |  Linda Frederiksson Juniper 


June  Jazzdor Berlin

 InJazz Festival Rotterdam/Amsterdam

 Northsea Roundtown Festival


 Naïssam Jalal Healing Rituals w/Clément Petit (vcl), Claude  Tchamitchian (b), Zaza Desiderio (dr)

 Aki Takase/Louis Sclavis/Vincent Courtois

 Invisible Columns (Sanem Kalfa w/Jan Bang, Ambrose  Akinmusire, Kit Downes) – Televizyon (more see in article in  15 concerts of a residency, link in comment)

August  A L’Arme Festival Berlin

 Saalfelden Jazzfestival*

 Victoria Chen as part of Lukas König’s 1Above Minus    Underground | Veslemøy Narvesen Trio Holistic w/Ketija  Ringa (fl), Kit Downes (org)) No  Plexus „Rite of Passage“ =  Brechtje van Dijk, Allison Wright)
September  Punkt Festival Kristiansand 


 Gaudeamus Festival, Utrecht 

 Last Two Inches of Sky  |  Live Remix of Lutoslawski 4 +  Henriksen/Bang/Honoré by Hamid Drake/Even Sigurdsen  Røstad  |  Live Remix of. Benedicte Maurseth „Hárr“ by Nour  Sokhon 

 Nour Darwish & Nour Sokhon Healing Voices 


Oktober  Enjoy Jazz Festival*  Heidelberg/Mannheim/Ludwigshafen 

 Jazz Festival Skopje

 Nils Petter Molvaer KHMER 25 | Marginal Consort |

 Sylvie Courvoisier/Mary Halvorson Duo | Roberto Ottaviano  Eternal Love (Marco Colonna (cl), Giorgio Pacorig (p),  Giovanni Maier (b), Zeno de Rossi (dr) 

November  Jazzfest Berlin*

 Jazztopad Wrocław*

 Apparition   |    Marlies Debacker solo   | Clay Kin

 Henry Threadgill/Silke Eberhard Ensemble  

 Eve Risser’s Red Desert Orchestra „Eurythmia“

 Ava Mendoza solo   |  KRY

December  Interplanetary Night BIMhuis/SITP  Amsterdam  Duo Harmen Fraanje/Sanem Kalfa


    * indicates that I have seen only a part of the concerts. So, it’s my choice from THAT part of the concerts. 




STRONG (NEW) VOICES at the moment 


Marta Warelis | Kirke Karja | Camila Nebbia | Sofia Borges| Giuseppe Doronzo 

Victoria Shen 




Sanem Kalfa | Sun-Mi Hong | Ketija Ringa | Veslemøy Narvesen 

Antonin-Tri Hoang | Eve Risser 




Mette Rasmussen| Petter Eldh | Lukas König | Mona Matbou Riahi | Rojin Sharafi 

Taiko Saito 




Sunny Kim | Aviva Endean | Peter Knight | Even Sigurdsen Røstad | Mabe Fratti 




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  1. Michael:

    Henning, this is quite a journey, backwards and forwards, and my promise: IF I am NOT on Sylt, or on the Canarian Islands by that time, I will be in the Domicil, in my old homtown Dortmund, in February listening to that band playing – and watching you drawing lines.

  2. Henning Bolte:

    merci, yes, and you’re welcome (guestlist)! Ursprünglich wollte ich mit Schlagzeugerin Sun-Mi Hong kommen, aber das klappte mit den Terminen nicht (Termine, ein besonderes Kapitel im Musikbetrieb).

  3. Even Sigurdsen Røstad:

    It’s an honor to be mentioned! Your enjoyment of the concert warms my heart. And guess what? We have a surprise – the concert will be released sometime this year!

  4. Olaf (Ost):

    Sehr schöne grafische Arbeiten.

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