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2022 31 Dez

What is it we really want from one another, anyway?

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It’s a fever dream, a nightmare, a fairy-tale, a detective story, an end times story (settled in 1998), a mother-son-story, a father-son-story, a lovestory (no, several ones, but there’s a main one). It’s about friendship, about love and sex („I’m perfectly able to seperate sex from love.“ Says David Boring). It’s about being captivated by a specific feminine ideal and a research where it comes from, it’s about the meaning of life. There’s the narrator’s (David Boring’s) point of view, and sometimes an omniscient point of view (A flaw? Against the law? Nope!). Childhood memories. A remedy. A comic book, torn to pieces. Two appearences of God. Clowes writes like water, as Chris Ware said, and he draws like nature. A considerable portion of the general unconscious. David Boring by Daniel Clowes. I love this work of art.


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  1. Brian Whistler:

    Wow looks great. I’m going to look for it thanks

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    That‘s conicidental. Because that‘s exactly what i said (or quite similar😉) to my old friend David Webster in December 1982 in a pub in Notting Hill, a few days after Christmas. At least my story of a love affair going totally wrong crashed a Christmas party.

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