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  1. Jan Bang:

    Perhaps one of the best albums by Eno from this period. I bought it when it came out (was it in -85?, not sure..). Last year I managed to find the hard to find CD release of the album. When recording Eivind Aarset for the Dream Logic album, this was our reference album. It should be said that none of us were trying to copy it, but we wanted to make an album without too much focus on the high, and more about the high/low mid-ranges where the beautiful percussion and guitar exist in this beautiful recording. Every detail is treated with such care.A timeless classic from an inspired trio. I´d like to hear a remastered version of this album. In many ways it is a sister album to Hassell´s Dream Theory in Malaya and Eno´s On Land. A pity it was a one off baring in mind Brook´s later solo releases that never seemed to share the same minute detailed focus down to Russell Mills´beautifully blurred cover and typo. –

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Agreed, Jan. And i can hear these parallels when listening to Dream Logic.

    No matter, if it is On Land or Apollo or Hybrid or The Plateaux of Mirror or The Pearl (they all saw the light of dawn quite close to one another from the point of view of time) you can always return to them for new discoveries. Always let youurself fall into the music.

    And they all share a thing that is hard to pin down: a certain kind of warmth, even in the uncanny passages of On Land. Something that, well, embraces the listener, kind of.

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