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2022 31 Okt

„A hard day‘s night“ (für Craig Brown)

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Ein wenig verrückt bin ich wohl, mich von meiner Box „The Beatles In Mono“ zu trennen, es sind ja keine Geldsorgen im Spiel, warum also machte ich das Angebot: weil ich gerne mein Glück teile, weil ich in den letzten Jahren zu neunzig Prozent die Surround-Mixe von Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper, und „The White Album“ hörte, gebannt ohne Ende, weil ich mein neues IPhone 12 mit air pods pro gegenfinanziere, weil es eine Übung im Loslassen ist, und, last, but not least, weil der Käufer ein „Rastafari at heart“ ist. Sonst würde ich wohl noch einen Rückzieher gemacht haben. Vier Stunden lange suchte ich „A Hard  Day‘s Night“, das war der casus cnactus, daran hing alles, und, meine Fresse, klingt die geil in mono.


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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    From Neil Gader‘s review:

    I held my breath as I cued up the first couple of albums Please Please Me, and With The Beatles flipped the sides and in full immersion mode moved on to listening to every track which I spread out over the course of about three days until the last cut on Side Six of Mono Masters played out “You Know My Name” (Look Up The Number). As if still holding my breath I exhaled deeply. First, surfaces were pristinely quiet throughout, dead silent. Without even listening to the recent stereo vinyl or mono CD remasters to get my bearings, the rush of energy flying out the grooves of the these pressings was electric. This was not a narrow tunnel of compressed sound that many of us have been led to believe defines the mono listening experience–memories that harken back to AM radio for some of us. It was more of a throat-clearing blast, the tracks roaring to life and seeming to shake off the dust of decades.

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