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2022 9 Okt

Liste live 6/7 – 2022

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Listen und das Listen sind mnemotechnische Hilfen und mehr. Umberto Eco hat darüber selbst ein Buch veröffentlicht: „La Vertigine della Liste/The Vertigo of Lists“ (2009) – the title of the English publication is“The Infinity of Lists“. Given that I’m mostly immersed in live music, my lists are first of all about concert experiences. There will be more bimonthly lists. Maybe the list triggers something or questions rise about musicians/groups listed. Certain names occur more frequently and will occur in following lists too.


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    „Highest Lights“ – fine expression.

    And inspired by your referencing Eco,
    I come up here with a totally unexpected list,
    the one with Eno‘s song albums


  2. Henning Bolte:

    die frühesten schriftsprachlichen Zeugnisse waren wohl Listen – es geht um Resümieren, Festhalten und Vorwärtsleuchten von Erleben

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