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2022 30 Aug

Neil Young: Citizen Kane Jr. Blues

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Ich besitze eine High-End-Anlage.
Ich schätze sehr gute Aufnahmequalitäten.
Ich habe mich in diese LP hineingehört.
Eigentlich klingt sie furchtbar.
Ich stehe in diesem Club, 1974, mit einem Bier in der Hand.
Vor mir der junge Neil Young.
Fantasie ist einfach die stärkste Kraft.
Ein wunderbares Hörerlebnis.



Praesciptum, Blog, 2013: I met a young woman from Bulgaria in a Starbuck’s cafe in Cologne. We talked for a while: the jobs, the past, the holidays. She will be in Sri Lanka now. Or in a short time from now. I played „Cinnamon Girl“ for her, the trailer of the new Neil Young album „Live from the Cellar Door, 1970“. Immediately she liked the music, love (attraction at least) at first sound, she had never heard that voice before, first time. I’m listening to the record now, „Live At Massey Hall“, pure magic in the ways it transcends the genre of just confessional songwriters. Two months before his solo perfomance at the Cellar Door (Miles Davis was also there, 1970) AFTER THE GOLDRUSH had been released. Anti-matter and Southern Man. Only love can break your heart. Beware, guys: flying on the ground is wrong. (m.e.)

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