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2022 5 Jan

„Am Hofe des karmesinroten Königs“

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Hintergrund / DGM Headquarters:

    The film tracks the most recent incarnation of King Crimson across their 2018 and 2019 tour, and includes in-depth interviews with bandleader Robert Fripp, as well as with ex-members, charting the history of the band and its lineup. There’s also live footage from the tour.

    “We have been approached by various broadcasters, but felt that the ‘standard talking head’ format was becoming increasingly cookie cutter and uncreative,” band manager David Singleton said in a statement to Rolling Stone.

    “We therefore approached Toby Amies, an independent filmmaker, and asked him to make an original music documentary, to reimagine the format, and gave him complete creative freedom to do so. So the film is really sanctioned by the band only in as much as they set the ball rolling and gave Toby the access and interviews he requested. Thereafter they happily ceded all creative control.”

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