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2021 14 Dez

„Forever Young“

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Oh, this must be a new photo, Neil. Life seems full of possibilities. A sense of optimism pervades your looks. Me, oh, my, Rock‘n‘roll will never die. Full of new and old „hot shit“, the (long awaited) February edition has countless highlights, amongst them praise on a strange Spanish jazz combo, some good reasons to listen to Robert Fripp’s „Frippery“, an introduction into YMO, an in-depth feature on Neil Young with a first class interview led by Sylvie Simmons, another fine work on the downs and ups of Cat Power‘s life lines, a preview about a forthcoming book about the life and times of Mark Hollis, a list of 1971‘s album magic incl. the „kraut-folk“ of „Bröselmaschine“ with the spoken word magic of „Schmetterling“ – Joan as A Police Woman loves John Coltrane, Fela Kuti and Keith Jarrett on a Sunday morning, a new side project of Radiohead is in the making – this list could go on for some time. But – surprise yourself. Travel time by sound. Stay in the moment. Highly recommended.


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