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2021 23 Nov

My eight re-discoveries 2021

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Older records, cherished once, lost later, now re-discovered, eight albums that have lost nothing of their magic spells. No ranking here.


Rickie Lee Jones: PopPop**

Human Arts Ensemble: Under The Sun

David Bowie: Scary Monsters

Edward Vesala: Nan Madol

Egberto Gismonti: Danca dos Escravos

The Residents: Eskimo

Lewis: L‘amour

Charles Mingus: Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus*


*„At times  this  Mingus album reminds me of Zappa’s Grand Wazoo / Wakajawaalbums from the early 1970s — a bigger band music that isn’t afraid to dance naked precariously on the edge of going off the rails.  The result is stunning, kind of like if one of Ellington’s bands from the 1940s were given several big pots of coffee and deposited in a church, performing hair raising improvisation of evangelical proportions.“ (Mark Smotroff)


**“I was living a life enchanted by impossible connections, narrow escapes, and the perfect timing of curiously strong coincidence,” writes RLJ of her sudden ascent from Tom Waits hanger-on to global sensation with 1979 radio staple “Chuck E’s In Love”. Her drive-it-like-youstole-it memoir, „Last Chance Texaco“, eases around the jagged curves of her life with a pleasing bemusement and a stylish tilt of the beret.“

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