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2021 28 Aug

„An alchemical rumination“

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„There are so many devastating moments on Van Morrison‘s „Veedon Fleece“ that to list only a few would be total injustice to the rest. But fuck it, what the fuck is just in this world? Well at least we can experience hope in one man’s search for light. Right? So let’s talk about the way Van ends “Linden Arden Stole The Highlights” with the line, „now he’s living with a gun“ and then starts up the very next song by throwing his voice way up on top of his vocal chords and letting it settle down to a calmer note while singing, „oh well it’s lonely, when you’re living with a gun.“ Ah, I’m not a good enough writer to explain how magical it is. You’ll just have to trust me. Or we could talk about how it’s a whiskey drinking record, an alchemical rumination, a journal of his post-divorce drive through the Irish countryside, or his most thoroughly William Blake influenced work ever (just look at his hair on the cover, for Christ’s sake!).“

(Ben Chasny, Six Organs of Admittance)


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