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2021 29 Mai

„The Nexus of Kraut-Rock“

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„Listening to „Live in Stuttgart 1975“ brought to mind something Can keyboardist and conductor Irmin Schmidt told this writer a decade ago in the studio at Les Rossignols, his rural nerve centre in south-east France. “What fascinates me for over 40 years are swarms of birds and of fishes,” he said. “These creatures being one dense thing and, all of a sudden, expanding and all these movements… I could watch them for hours if I had the chance. The concept of murmuration – of spontaneous order emerging from multiple autonomous minds, moving in beauteous random harmony – is as good a comparison as any when investigating the Can live experience.“

(Ian Harrison, Uncut, July 2021)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Closing section of Stuart Berman‘s 8.2 review in Pitchfork:

    Sure, 90 minutes of free-flowing instrumental workouts may seem daunting to more casual Can fans who prefer their kosmische musik spiked with more digestible doses of “Vitamin C.” But devoted heads who surrender to the tide will no doubt emerge from Live in Stuttgart 1975 with another Can maxim in mind: I want more.

    I give it 8.2. too.

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