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2021 7 Apr

How George attacks the sound

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He is so young, kind of sunshine fellow. I heard him once singing in the stairwell of our old apartment house. I was stunned by his soft voice. I thought, maybe Jeff Buckley covered another Hallelujah. Recently I met George again in the hall. I told him that I loved his timid voice. I asked him, since when he was singing. He had a bright smile on his face: “I can‘ t remember, I remember that I was always singing. In my family, everybody was singing and playing instruments like guitar, piano. I remember me dancing infront of the Radio or CD player, just moving to the rhythm which was coming out of these magic boxes. Later I started to play a drum, but my father didn‘ t like the noise … He bought me a keyboard which I play until today. At school we had a funny band with chaotic vibes between us. Soon I preferred my own style, I put my focus on one guitar only with more chords.“


When did you start with singsongwriting?


In October 2013 I began with textwriting. I had an encounter in Greece, where my family comes from, with an old Greek lady, she is a philosopher. While talking to her, she seemed to pull out of me whatever was inside of me. I started to write about my family. I like my mothertongue, but I sing only in English, sounds better than the Greek phonetics. You know I was raised with the music of Lana Del Rey, I love her, and Marina ( and the Diamonds) and with Charli XCX, who was the first woman, who created this outrageous fine sound with her PC.  It was a friend of mine from Cologne, who introduced me to the App, with which you can compose demo songs. I started creating sounds with my own PC.


How do you produce now your own sound?


First I write my text, then the metronome determines the beat. Then I choose an electric instrument. I prefer the synthesizer. With the digital note grid I put in the notes. I play, I tune, I correct. It is so much fun to work with the synthesizer, because you can set special frequencies on it. I really do attack the sound to get the best out of the equalizer. I am not yet satisfied with my work, but I keep practicing. Anyways until now my songwriting and singing is more important to me.


George, where do you get your inspirations from?


From the moon, the sun, the water, the wind, the birds  and from my Greek roots and my dreams. Would you like to listen to the song you heard me once singing on the staircase?


I would love to.


„Music of the Wind“


You have a very voluminous voice. Thank you for the nice talk and good luck for your musical career.


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