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2021 21 Feb

A trilogy of horror, sci-fi, and epic proportions

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How to make a book into a soundtrack, being clear about the fact the book doesn‘t exist at all? It gives you a lot of freedom, because the book, as a product of imagination, is vague enough to not restrict your fantasy. We all know music for imaginary films, but for imaginary books!? That really opens another area (chapter) in the back of your mind. Three non-existing books, three albums, that’s the modus operandi. This first soundtrack is finished and inspired by the science fiction and horror films of the 1970s and 80s, and, of course, vintage instruments from that period take center stage: there‘s the Moog Modular 3C, a Rhodes Chroma, the Oberheim Four Voice, the Yamaha CS80 (Eno once had a good time with it), but who knows the Sequential Six Trak, the DK Synergy, an Ensoniq ESQ-1, or even the Emu Emulator-2? Linn LM-1 and Sequential Drumtraks are also part of the game. The other two works will each feature a different set of instruments providing a unique sonic character to the soundtrack. The second one will use Japanese synthesisers and drum machines from the 1980s, and the third one contains a selection of British vintage electronic instruments from the 1970s. I asked Michael if he‘s in the mood to listen to all that stuff when the trilogy will be nearly finished, so that he might have a little world premiere for the final part of the trilogy at least. He answered it would all depend on the amount of shivers running down his spine while listening. That‘s what I call a deal. He also asked me to write him my idea for the blog of the Manafonistas, leaving my name out of the game. Why, I asked him. Easy, he replied. People will think about this being some kind of invented story and taken by surprise when it will all will happen in reality one night in 2021.

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