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2021 23 Jan

Rams 1

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  1. Bright Clouds of Metal
  2. Harmonic Guitar
  3. Unusual Temperament
  4. A Warm Sweet Bed
  5. Beautiful Metals
  6. Designer Piano
  7. Generative Lounge
  8. Design as Reduction
  9. Al’Khwarizmi Piano
  10. Shimmering Future
  11. For A New Design


Praise for ‚Rams: Original Soundtrack Album‘ (out now. The record has recently been released as part of the Record Store Day) / „Subliminal atmospheric timbres and tranquil melodic phrases,“ Uncut / „So still and calm, Rams couldn’t have designed it better himself. A proper Eno prime cut,“ Electronic Sound / Brian Eno’s score adds to the movie’s linear elegance,“ New York Times / „Poignant melodies,“ Prog / „This is striking, ranging between grinding threat and lovely ethereal plinking,“ The Arts Desk / „A joyful journey,“ Hi Fi Choice 4/5


From the playlist of „Radionacht Klanghorizonte“, February 20, played in one sequence without talking except two poems placed in between:


Trio Tapestry (ECM Records) 
Brian Eno: Rams OST
Jakob Bro / Arve Henriksen / Jorge Rossy  (ECM Records)
Brian Eno: Rams OST
Trio Tapestry (ECM Records)


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