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2020 20 Okt

My twenty-three favourite albums of 2020

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    1. Bob Dylan: Rough and Roady Ways
    2. Tony Allen & Hugh  Masekela: Rejoice
    3. Cyrillus Kreek: The Suspended Harp of Babel
    4. Jon Hassell: Seeing Through Sound
    5. Bill Callahan: Gold Record
    6. Die Wilde Jagd: Haut
    7. The Flaming Lips: American Head
    8. J. Peter Schwalm & Arve Henriksen: Neuzeit
    9. Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes: Heritage of the Invisible II
    10. Terje Rypdal: Conspiracy
    11. Afel Bocoum: Lindé
    12. Shabaka Hutchings & The Ancestors: We Are Sent Here By History
    13. Belbury Poly: The Gone Away
    14. Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang: Snow Catches on her Eyelashes
    15. Stephan Thelen: World Dialogue
    16. Fiona Apple: Fetch The Bold Cutters
    17. Ian Willilam Craig: Red Sun Through Smoke
    18. Jon Balke: Discourses
    19. Rustin Man: Clockdust
    20. Carla Bley / Steve Swallow / Andy Sheppard: Life Goes On
    21. Wire: Mind Hive
    22. Nat Birchall meets Al Breadwinner: Tradition Disc in Dub
    23. Paradise Cinema: Paradise Cinema

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Strolling through my radio playlists, I know very well what‘s not on the list, but here we are, and though some changes are possible, this comes quite close to the final appearance that will include 30 records. The albums that are by now listed between 20 and 23 are so absolutely stunning that the records above do have to stand the test of time – til Nikolaus Day😉 (Not included are E.P.s and „albums“ that did not yet appear in a physical format.)

  2. ijb:

    Kein Eno in diesem Jahr!? Was ist denn hier los?!

    Die neue CD habe ich gerade heute bekommen, aber mein CD-Spieler hat den Geist aufgegeben, und ich muss erst einen neuen erwerben…

  3. Lajla:

    Nr. 20 lief gestern den ganzen Abend in meiner Lieblingspizzeria auf meinen Wunsch hin. Ich hatte Geburtstag. Carla Bley und Lucinda sind die einzigen CDs in meinem Gepäck hier.

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