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2020 5 Jun

„Out of the Ashes“

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Out of the Ashes: A Benefit Album for Minneapolis is out today exclusively via bandcamp. The album features newly recorded tracks by Steve Tibbetts, Charlie Parr, Paul Metzger and more, compiled by local guitarist Matt Sowell. 100% of the proceeds from this album will benefit two organizations in Minneapolis:

MIGIZI acts as a circle of support that nurtures the development of Native American youth in order to unleash their creativity and dreams. Migizi’s building was destroyed by fire on May 28th. / Association for Black Economic Power is partnering with PIMENTO to provide black businesses without insurance relief after white supremacists set them on fire during the protests.


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    A heartfelt collection, deep, and a great support.

    With Steve T. on board, too.

  2. Steve Tibbetts:

    I received an email from Josh last Monday and finished four pieces for him by Thursday night. Now I know how to work in the ECM way!

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Manfred should book Lugano in September, for you and Marc and Michelle. Time for „Southern Song“.

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