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2020 29 Apr

„What Lies Ahead“

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  1. Uwe Meilchen:

    What Lies Ahead

    20th April, 2020

    Sometimes on tour I have been playing new songs before they are finished. I think the process can be as interesting as the final product. ‘What Lies Ahead‘ is a song I developed from a melody my son Isaac was playing and I still hadn’t finished the words when I performed it at some of the Back to Front shows.

    I was very surprised when Paolo Fresu sent me a version he had done with some wonderful players he was working with. They had taken it into a different jazzier territory but it was played with such feeling that I gave Paolo the permission to release it. It has real heart.

    – pg

  2. Lajla:

    So schön. Danke Uwe.

  3. Jochen:

    Der rote Fleck unter dem „video“ – ist das ein Maikäfer?


  4. Lajla:

    Jochen, du hälst einfach zu viel Abstand. Natürlich ist das ein Maikäfer 😅

  5. Jochen:

    Lang lebe die Einbildungskraft!

  6. Rosato:

    super schönes stück

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