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2019 12 Dez

Make Britain Great Again

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It’s fun to search in my musical tank, in order to look for songs, which refer to current events. In former times I had already posted something of the Ska Band Madness here on the blog. Now after three years the boys are back! They released a new stunning song: „Bullingdon Boys“.



The Eton Boys are undefiled

The Bullingdon Boys, running wild 

And England slides into the mist

No hope they’ll cease nor desist



You have to know, that Boris Johnson went to Eton and then to Oxford. The Bullingdon Club is a place, where young, rich men get wild and excessive. Boris joined that club, where money, myth and decadence ruled. His fave bands then were The Rolling Stones and The Clash. Honestly, I like to listen to his funny jokes, his word games, but not to his lies. What the f … a faker he is. I tend to the other parts of the UK. Not only because of the geografical beauty of the landscape, but also because of the way of living. I do hope, that Scotland, Wales and North Ireland will stay strong together and will have influence on the optional output. „Fifty-Fifty Clown“ is a song from the Scottish Band Cocteau Twins. I will listen to it „until the cows come home“.

Get Brexit undone!


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  1. Jochen:

    In diesem Kontext empfehle ich:

    „Brasilien unter Bolsonaro“ (ZDF Mediathek)

  2. Ian:

    Madness are truly great. And Suggs never let fame go to his head.

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