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2019 23 Okt


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when the men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go and you’ve just had some kind of mushrooms and your mind is moving low


Go ask Alice


As I was walking down Abbey Road I got a phone call from Lucy.

„How are you?“, she asked.

„I’m fine – collected some mushrooms today.“

„Alice, you won’t swallow them …“

„Oh no, I will prepare them, here ’s the recipe, Lucy, try them out …“


500gr porcini mushroom

1 shallot

30gr bacon

200ml cream

6 stems parsley

salt and pepper 2 spoons butter

1 spoon oil

200gr Tagliatelle


mix everything, then add the porcini for 5 min.

Enjoy the meal and Gardez la dame!


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