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2019 15 Sep

„Gentleman Jack“ (season 1)

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„Another winner of British TV. And it shows what can all be right with costume dramas. The clash of old and new might have felt clunky but instead gives things a rollicking energy. If some of the other characters feel a little underdeveloped compared to Anne, that is mainly testament to Suranne Jones’s swashbuckling central turn. Her Anne Lister seethes with indignation at being born with the “wrong desires” at the wrong time, but she is intelligent enough to know how she must behave to survive. Her single-mindedness can look blinkered, and her charisma can come across as obstinacy. My initial anxieties were misplaced. „Gentleman Jack“ is its own programme, a confident, smart period drama with fabulous sets and costumes, especially Anne’s top hats and black suits, and a large warm heart.“

(Ed Cumming, The Independant)

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Really great. Out on DVD and BluRay.

    Directed by Sally Wainwright who did the dark and thrilling Happy Valley crime series, set in the English hinterland. Also a show with – despite all the darkness – a warm and beating heart.

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