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2019 8 Sep


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Patrick and Björn on a paddle boat trip to the sea. (Hope they will give „Life Of“ and „Lost River“ some deep listening sessions, great guys and music talkers from Sweden.) New companions. From earlier years I know old weathered houses in the hinterland of Kristiansand, the fjord area, that look like 1955, time standing still. Having nice talks with a lot of wonderful old and new faces, and with my journalist hero from the glorious „Melody Maker“ days of old, Richard Williams. Early next year I will read and review his forthcoming book that is time traveling to old Germany. The horrendous Thirties, to be more specific. Sharing stories and memories with Steve Tibbetts and Marc Anderson on a daily basis, like being with friends you didn‘t know you have. Sitting with my soul mate Elin at Mother India and listening to her journey to München around 1967. And on and on and on it went. Small revelation: Nils Petter Molvaer told me that a big inspiration for the music of „Khmer“ (now out on vinyl for the first time) had been passionately reading Borges’ „Labyrinths“. One highlight for my not-so-innocent ears on day three was The Shamisen Concerto, composed by Daj Fujikura and The Trondheim Orchestra at Kilden. An old Japanese instrument shining in a contemporary ambience. Fragile and strong at the same time, it was never overpowered. The orchestra a living thing, no dead fish. Reminded me, slightly leftfield, of my student‘s days in Würzburg, being surprised and captured by the sound of a koto (appearing out of nowhere, on side two of David Bowie‘s Heroes). Different worlds, but two thrilling ways of placing a kind of „exotic“ instrument in an unusual landscape. The notes still lingerin’ in the air, Jan Bang and Sidsel Endresen did the live-remix, all from scratch, wild and beautiful and beyond words. Here we are in the years.


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The regular reader of this blog knows that LIFE OF is by Steve Tibbetts (with Marc Anderson and associates), and LOST RIVER by Michelle Barria (perc, electronics), Eivind Aarset (g, electroikcs) and Gianluca Petrella (tb & sounds). Both on ECM Records.

    No further praise of LIFE OF required here, just let me add that the LOST RIVER trio surely is a work with enough timelessness in it to have a promising future, for example at the next Punktfestival 2020. A dream for live-remixing, too! I hadn‘t heard „a trombone sound and setting“ that awesome since the days of Terje Rypdal‘s „Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away“ and „Odyssey“.

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